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Tohoku Innovation Capital Corporation
Message from the President

In October 2003, Tohoku Innovation Capital was established as the unique venture capital firm headquartered in Tohoku with strong regional network. Since then, we have invested into promising venture businesses with high-tech cores in manufacturing fields mainly located in Tohoku and supported proactively their growth. We aim to incubate highly competitive technology businesses born in Tohoku and lead them to expand in global market.

Not only financial support, it is our strength to provide our investee companies with hands-on management support. It includes; brush-up and mold business plan, corporate finance advice, introduction of sales and marketing partners, introduction of personnel for management level, IPO advice, etc. We believe it can be accomplished successfully only by the venture capital firm with strong regional network and professional skills like us.

In addition to our regional network with industry, academia and government, we establish broad international network such as Taiwan and Korea. By combining our unique supporting know how with those network, we aim to increase the value of investment through tailor-made supporting action plan to each investee company.

It is our mission that through our investment activities, various technology-potential in Tohoku is commercialized as ventures, develops successfully as sustainable international businesses, and contributes to vitalize regional economy.